Why Nano Influencers Are MORE Than Just a Number

Calling for N.I. 3977 to report for duty effective immediately!

It’s safe to say, with the emergence of marketing schemes looking for novel ways to target a wider range of audiences, it would only be a matter of time before social media influencers at the bottom end of the daisy chain would become a lucrative source of exposure for brands and businesses to spread their message about new and pre-existing products.

I say ‘bottom end’ ironically, as it’s only recently dawned on companies that the influence of macro-level celebrities (those who generate daily traffic in the millions to their Instagram page, Twitch Stream, YouTube Channel and Twitter feed) has diminished in light of the sheer number of sponsorships that are promoted within their captions, photos and videos. Their inability to generate direct, meaningful engagement with individuals of their cohort creates a distance between what their followers need, and that which they can only metaphysically provide. Whilst their words hold enough weight to affect a cultural shift in thinking, everyday consumers would prefer to turn to a more relatable source of trust and confidence within their immediate network of contacts before warranting a purchase.

The future of digital marketing

And just like that, the nano influencers rose like a phoenix from the ashes. With mutterings of trust, adulation and authenticity spreading like wildfire amongst followers, family members and friends, marketers flocked to their saviours in a bid to steer their businesses forward into a new age of wealth and prosper, albeit, without having to expend large amounts of their wealth and prosper.

“Friends have conversations, impossible for others to understand.”

What is a nano influencer?

Who is this almighty nano influencer you speak of? You say. Well, my friends, nano influencers are understood to be your typical social media user who characteristically have the least follower numbers of all influencers on the hierarchy. On average, they have amassed a total of between 1,000 and 10,000 followers in comparison to their counterparts, the micro and macro influencers, who have from 10,000 to 100,000 and 100,000 to 1,000,000 followers, respectively.

On face value, the modest leverage of a nano influencer yields a sense of unimportance and dismissal, yet, if you delve beyond the surface, nano influencers are more than just an arbitrary number, and here are four reasons why…

1. Nano influencers are the real deal!

Above anything else, nano influencers exude an air of authenticity. Uncompromised by the murky shark infested waters of marketer influence, they hold true to their brand identity and very rarely waver from their narrow niche. In most cases, these individuals post natural, unfiltered content highlighting everyday aspects of their life, their genuine passions, and in the interests of their audience. Their ambition to entertain and form tight-knit relationships with members of their community is borne from love as opposed to the prospect of earning an income. Their captions and hashtags are not motivated towards the promotion of larger entities.

All of this, when combined, makes it easy for their followers to imagine that they’re all in the same boat, rowing down the same river and against the same forceful current. They’re oblivious of the fact that their innocence and lack of knowledge about the nuances of social media make them more relatable and approachable than anyone, and that is their greatest strength at play.

“When you are authentic, you create a certain energy, people want to be around you because you are unique.” — Andie MacDowell

2. They’re just as eager to dive into conversation as you are

They have an inherent willingness to engage with their audience across a multiplicity of dimensions. Whether they choose to discuss the peculiarity of the weather or pour their heart out about illness or injustice, conversation is at the forefront of their thoughts. Their comments are neither scripted nor scheduled, but conceived from mutual interest in their followers’ lives. Their audience (particularly their loyal friends, close followers and family) can sense transparency within their communication which encourages them to reciprocate their own feelings, ideas and opinions on products that may or may not be fit for purpose.

They do not sit on the fence and hesitate to label a promotional product a ‘scam’ or as being too expensive for the general public as they lead that life themselves. Not only does this build a positive image of them as influencers, but also builds the reputation of the businesses who promote them as honest, trustworthy entities opposed to being a faceless operation working from the shadows.

Moreover, nano influencers give back to their communities via giveaways, post shares and story tagging. This creates a larger ecosystem of nano influencers who are intimately growing together.

3. They’re effortlessly flexible and proactive

I hate to make blanket statements, but unlike the stories we read about ‘some’ celebrities in the media, nano influencers are not guided by their ego. They are not the ones making demands for brands to sign lengthy contracts for hefty fees. Often times, they proactively reach out to brands to become an ambassador as they are long-term advocates and fans of the products that they sell. They’d happily share their enthusiasm about a product with their followers without earning a single penny to their name. In their eyes, they are creating a sustainable relationship with a brand they love who has also seen worth in them. It’s a win-win situation for both parties…

but between you and me, I think the company serves to gain the most. Not only are they cutting on cost, but they’re also catering to an individual who will champion their brand, rain or shine in exchange for some free advice. This near eliminates any chance of them promoting any of their competitors so long as they continue to pepper the person with early product releases and the occasional comment on their social posts. They have that individual’s audience in the palm of their hands.

Then again, nano influencers are not stupid either… They get freebies to give away and products to showcase and build upon their own brands. Watch this space big company that I shall not name in fear of being sued!

4. Nano influencers have real-world connections

In stark contrast to the macro influencers who live comfortably within their online bubble, nano influencers balance their time between managing their social media account and playing an active working role within their community. Therefore, they have some degree of influence within their local areas. Not only is this advantageous for companies looking to promote products to their audience through social media, but the nano influencer serves as a catalyst for geolocated operations via transactional word-of-mouth.

The Quirkout Plan

In conclusion, whilst companies might perceive nano influencers to be the pawns in their game of chess, I see them as large sharks in a very small tank, and with growing concerns about micro influencers failing to disclose promotions and their incessant use of bot apps to control the amount of fake likes, comments and follows per day, it’s only a matter of time before the tides turn and nano influencers become the ones who call the shots, garner the most attention and respect due to their passion and commitment to building a network of engaged followers who value their authenticity and connection to the real world.

Safe Simping,

Axon Potential.

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Do you consider yourself a nano influencer? If so, have you experienced big companies reaching out to you to promote their products on your account? Let me know in the comment section down below!

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